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'When I close a book, I open life.' (Pablo Neruda)  

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Floppy hats are zexy.


Floppy hats are zexy.

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“You attract the like energy you put out. The Universe will keep on sending you problems and annoyances that hit an issue you have within yourself as long as they remain useful to you. Once that issue is resolved, the problem no longer stimulates your personal evolution and therefore no longer needs to happen. Happiness therefore lies within a shifting of perspective in the present moment. Choose freedom. Choose liberation. Move from panic to freedom, and watch a world of magic and bliss open itself up to you.”

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“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal.”

— Rumi (via creatingaquietmind)

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“The more you document your own life, the more you check in, you tweet, the more you post photos of what you did last night, the more you do all of this stuff, or even in my case, the more you listen for little lines of dialogue that can make their way into stories, the more you photograph moments, in a way, the more you start to step out of those moments, and if you do that too much, you become a spectator to your own life.”

— Jonathan Harris (via creatingaquietmind)

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“Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain.”

Johanna de Silentio  (via wethinkwedream)

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“Come sleep with me: we won’t make love. Love will make us.”

Julio Cortázar, “Hopscotch” (via royaru)

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